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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

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Search Engine optimization could be a a part of net selling within which we have a tendency to optimize our web site in keeping with search engine's paradigm. During this technique we have a tendency to use numerous sorts of methods to urge high rank in search engine's pages. SEO technique starts with the analysis and Analysis method of a web site and followed by on-the-scene optimization, Link Building Strategy, and Social Media optimization strategy.
In analysis and Analysis method, seo specialists analyze your yet as your competitor's web site and supply terribly crucial results that square measure as necessary as your shoppers. Typically analysis and Analysis method includes of:-
1 In-Depth Keyword Research,
2 Markets / Industry Analysis,
 3 Keyword Traffic Analysis,
4 Keyword Competition Analysis,
5 Website Analysis,
6 Online Competitor Analysis,
7 Benchmark Current traffic and Search Engine Positions.
After this process SEO experts involve in On-site Optimization process. On-site Optimization is also a very important part of SEO process as this process optimizes your website up to 40 to 50%.
In On-site Optimization SEO experts perform following step to optimize a website:-

1 META Tag Optimization,
2 Java-script Optimization,
3 Navigation Structure,
4 HTML code optimization,
5 Alt tags
7 Broken Link Checking,
8 Duplicate Content Checking,
9 Creation of Robots.txt file,
10 HTML Validations,
11 CSS Validation.
After performing on-site optimization SEO experts perform Link Building Strategy. In link building strategy article writing, article submission, directory submission, blog commenting, classifieds, forum posting are the main strategies that are used by seo experts.
So we have known the various strategies about SEO which seo expert use to optimize a web site.
Now we will know the importance of SEO technique:-
1. Increasing page rank: - SEO helps in increasing page rank of your website and this page rank work as a sign that help a searcher to know good quality websites.
2. Provides good rank in SERP: - SEO technique helps your website to get high Page rank in search engine.
3. Create brand awareness: - SEO, with the help of global visibility helps in creating brand awareness of your products, services in front of the customers.
4. Helps in generating high traffic: - SEO, with the help of social media optimization helps in generating a huge traffic and provides you targeted customers.
5. Increases sales volume with SEO: - In the last SEO helps in generating the leads or we can say Lead Generation


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